The Story
I set up Dry-Bye after having returned from a holiday in Rome-Florence-Venice where I noticed so many women looked fabulous and I put it down to great hair and it didn't take long to notice the salons busy with the weekly blowdries.
Having been taught my trade by well known Italian brothers in Mayfair London, I thought that's how I learnt my craft by the many Italian clients who used to visit weekly from the nearby Italian Embassy. I learnt just as much from them as they knew the importance of a great blowdry.
I feel even though the added tools have come along it still starts with the basics which cannot replace a good blowdry that should last days not hours!!!
We all want that feeling but can't always get to the Salon. We may be time poor or it's just to hard to leave the office or home.
I wanted to bring this concept to you but at an affordable price without compromising on the quality!!!
So in the comfort of your home,office or hotel. It starts with clean hair (washed by you) and I take care of the rest. All I need is a chair and a power outlet for the perfect blow dry.
To book any services please call or Text Michele on 0450 038207 or email
Also contact via instagram on dry.bye